The Birth Story

January 25, 2013

I’m sure the majority of you know that C has made his appearance. Which happened two months ago today. Yup, I’m a slacker, but that’s not news to anyone. So finally, here’s his birth story… but first, a refresher.

I have a bicornuate (heart shaped) uterus and C implanted in the right horn and the left horn didn’t grow/stretch at all during pregnancy, basically giving me half a uterus to work with and the cause of the majority of my pregnancy uncomfortableness. I knew there was a chance of having a c-section since he was likely to be breech due to not having the room to turn. He stayed in the same position since 15 weeks and a c-section was scheduled for 39w1d.

After a week of daily trips to the hospital for blood pressure monitoring (including one overnight stay) I went to see my OB for a follow-up. My blood pressure during that visit was the highest it had been all week so my c-section got moved to November 25th at 2pm (37w6d). My OB wanted to admit me right then but I begged to go home and pack with a promise that I would go to the hospital early the next morning. C had other plans and my water broke at 4:50am (9 hours before schedule!) in a pop and gush style. I called labor and delivery and they said to take a quick shower and go in since I wasn’t experiencing any contractions. I hopped in the shower and of course contractions started suddenly at 1 minute long, less than two minutes apart and they were STRONG. I left for the hospital as a sopping wet mess since I felt like this was going to happen fast and he was breech so being born in the car would be no bueno.

The midwife checked me and told me that I was already 4cm and that she felt “something unusual” so she had another midwife check me. It turned out to be the cord bulging behind the cervix and they didn’t want to freak me out. At this point I was in tears and shaking because I’m a big, fat wimp and contractions were about a minute apart and holy shit strong.

As they wheeled me to the OR, I told them that I felt something coming out and I thought it was his cord. I found out afterward that it was his foot (!!!!) and he had cord twisted all around his body. They moved pretty fast to deliver… from water breaking to birth was 2 hours and 9 minutes.

Definitely not how I thought C’s birth would happen but I have no regrets and my recovery was easier than I thought it would be. Our first two months have been pretty rough though and I hope to find time in the next week or so the post about everything. Until then, here’s a photo that most of you have seen already but I love it. Look at that hair! (Which he has since lost most of. Sadness.)



34 weeks!

October 31, 2012

Whenever I start a post, the first thing I want to type is either, “Time is flying!” or “Holy shit! I’m having a baby!” I still can’t believe that he’ll be here in a little over a month. Heck, I can’t even believe he’ll be here at all! This whole pregnancy has been one big case of denial with only a few moments of clarity. I mean, I’m just growing from all this food I’m eating, right? The anterior placenta dulling any movement probably doesn’t help either. I guess the only thing that’s hard to ignore is the ginormous baby head poking out of my side.

The past week hasn’t been too bad. I came down with a cold and baby decided to give me some relief by dropping a half an inch or so. Who knew that half an inch was the difference between excruciating pain and just general 3rd tri uncomfortable-ness? I jinxed it yesterday by saying something though and today was a bit difficult. K and I decided to see a movie and I could barely sit through the whole thing. Next time, we’ll be splurging for the reclining seats. (Which we need to hurry and get out of our system since that theater is 18+.)

My doula came by last night for our first (and only) prenatal class. There’s not much you need to know if you’re having a scheduled c-section but it was nice to talk about what remaining birth preferences I can still hope for as well as her role in a c-section. I’m glad to have an extra hand to hold as well as the breastfeeding support I’ll need. She’s also letting me use the second prenatal class toward an extra postnatal home visit which makes me extremely happy.

Saw my OB today and she was really awesome. Now that we’ve gotten to know each other she’s opened up and I don’t feel so schmuck-y. She answered my LONG list of c-section questions and I’m happy with how things are turning out. I see her again in a week! (Ahhh, weekly visits have begun!)

On the nesting front (still mostly non-existent), I’ve finished washing all the baby stuff except the diapers. K’s mom is coming to visit this month and is bringing the rest of my newborn stash so I figured I’d wait. I also have some serious crafting ADD because neither of the projects I posted about last week are finished, however, I have started three more. I did finish one of the new ones though!

Here are the pieces for the airplane mobile that I cut out with my Silhouette:

And the sign I painted for the wall over the glider:

(please excuse the splash of hot chocolate. yup, another craving.)

The map I ordered for one of the walls arrived this past Sunday as well. I have one more art project planned for the remaining wall that I’d like to finish before MIL gets here since our nursery is also a guest room combo. I’m excited to work on it and once it’s finished, back to crochet I go!

I also started working on baby’s birth announcement. I was hoping to design the whole thing myself, but I ended up using Shutterfly since they can mail them out for me, which is so much more convenient than shipping them all the way here then mailing them out. I plan to do the same for Christmas cards (sorry in advance for all the snail mail spam!) because I just HAVE to do all the cuteness I see on Pinterest.

And finally, the bump!

Weeks 29-33

October 22, 2012

Holy crap. I can’t believe I haven’t updated in FIVE weeks. I feel so ashamed. You know that saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun?” Well, I think it can also be said that time flies when somebody’s knocked up. But I just want to let it be known that I do NOT equate pregnancy with having fun. I think that’s a huge part of the reason why I haven’t updated… how fun would it be to read post after post of whining and complaining? Because let me (and K) assure you, that’s what I’m doing now all.the.time. And even worse, how fun would it be if you were my kid and you found this on Google years down the road and read how much your mother thought her pregnancy sucked? (Note to self: delete this blog when baby starts to read… which could be shortly after birth because I, myself, was a baby genius.)

Anyway, despite the last few weeks flying by, I have managed to get a little bit done. And when I say a little, I mean the tiniest amount possible to even qualify it as “nesting.” On the crochet front, I unraveled a giant rug I had been working on before I was with child from a doily pattern (just made with several strands of bulky held together instead of using fingering weight). It was taking so much yarn and I wasn’t even close to finishing the pattern. I’m sad, but glad I’m able to re-purpose the yarn to baby stuff!

So with the unraveled yarn, I started working on a basket and will hopefully make 2-3 for baby’s closet. I’m currently a little over halfway finished.

I’m also in the middle of making Christmas stockings for the family. It’s not normal for me to start a project while in the middle of another but I’ll admit right now that basket making is a little boring.

Before I started any of these, I was itching to make something girly so I did a hat and bootie set.

While cute, I’m kicking myself because I have SO MUCH other stuff to make before baby is here. I have a list of props for newborn photos that is approximately a mile and a half long.

I’ve also been trying to get things done around the house. We painted the bookcase in our entryway. My laundry room is organized as well as all the cabinets in the kitchen. I’ve also started washing baby clothes and getting things together to decorate the nursery/guest room. We also spent a week working on the backyard and setting up the above ground pool so I could float and maybe get some relief from the uncomfortableness of growing a baby. A week and a half ago I had a meltdown from all the pain I was in. Baby just doesn’t have any room so he’s still poking his head OUTSIDE of my ribs to where it looks like I have a grapefruit sitting under my skin (I think in my last post I compared it to an orange… it’s bigger now) all while using his feet to dig into my crotch (which is a small step up from my bladder). Having to either stretch my arms above my head or hang out upside down while trying not to cry was getting old and the pool has definitely helped take the edge off. (Thank you, K!)

I’ve been seeing my OB every two weeks and baby is still breech so I will book my c-section date at my next appointment for around 39 weeks. (Eek!) I’ve come to terms with it but a part of me is still a little sad that I have to have surgery but mostly because it means a lot of my other birth preferences have gone out the window as well. I just keep telling myself that as long baby is healthy, it doesn’t really matter. I joked at my first appointment that my birth plan would just be, “Get the baby out,” and it looks like that’s still going to happen so there’s that.

My most recent scan last Wednesday showed baby’s head measuring 5 days ahead, tummy was 3 days ahead, and femur is 8 days behind so he is currently short and fat. Already an estimated 4lbs 2oz and expected to gain another 2-4lbs before birth. Crazy. I feel so stretched out already and have no idea how this can be possible. He’s definitely gone through a growth spurt since that appointment as I can tell I’ve expanded… my maternity jeans no longer fit. I’ve started to rubber band the button on the one pair that I have that isn’t a panel. Do you hear that people?! I’m TOO PREGNANT for my PREGNANT JEANS. I had no idea that could happen. Woe is me.

And finally, the bump pics!

29 weeks

30 weeks

31 weeks

32 weeks

33 weeks

28 weeks! Are we there yet?

September 20, 2012

I’ll admit it. I don’t really enjoy being pregnant. I thought I would LOVE it… dressing my cute bump, continuing Zumba and pilates, and just being all around glow-y. Instead, it’s too hot to wear anything other than a t-shirt, I have no energy, and I spend a lot of time as a lump on my couch and devouring a half pan of brownies without even realizing it. Sometimes out of nowhere I get a shooting pain down my right butt cheek and thigh causing me to feel like I’m going to collapse if I take another step. And the uncomfortable-ness is already unreal. (My OB laughed at me and said, “Good luck with 3rd tri!”)

I wonder if I’m uncomfortable already due to working with half a uterus, which is not as much room as, you know, an entire uterus. I think I’m going to go with that explanation rather than just being a giant wimp.

I saw my OB earlier this week. I thought I might have a UTI because I constantly feel like I’m about to wet my pants but when I sit down to go, not much comes out and I never get any relief when I do go. (You’re welcome!) Negative. She pushed around on my uterus to see if he was still breech then did an ultrasound to confirm that yup, still is. She’s a little more optimistic than the back-up doc that he might still turn which is good and wants to start seeing me every two weeks to check position. But guess what else we saw during the scan? Baby’s feet are pretty much ankle deep in my bladder, which explains a lot. K and the OB were laughing when he realized we were watching and gave my bladder two big stomps for good measure. I was not. Instead, I was clenching with all my might to keep from peeing all over the table.

Don’t worry. I got back at baby yesterday. I read online that putting something cold where the baby’s head is might help a breech baby turn since they don’t like the cold. So I put an ice pack on his head. He wasn’t a fan and moved down a few inches and now I would guess that he’s maybe somewhere between breech and transverse. However, since the left horn didn’t stretch with the baby (he implanted in the right horn and so my left side is a little mushy) his head now looks like an orange popping out from under my ribs on the right side almost exactly halfway between my belly button and my spine. So I guess it backfired since I’m now even more uncomfortable than before. I’m trying to refrain from pushing on it since K told me that doing so was probably denting the baby’s face or making him lose some brain cells.

So that’s where I’m at. Right arm stretched over my head trying to give him more room and make me a little more comfortable, all while wallowing in self-pity and cake.

28 weeks

27 weeks! 2nd Trimester Wrap Up

September 12, 2012

Can you believe I’ve in the 3rd trimester already? I sure can’t. I’ve graduate from asking K, “Can you believe we’re having a baby?” to “Can you believe we’re having a baby in less than three months?” Crazy. Absolutely crazy.

This past week has been such an emotional roller coaster and has me longing to move back to the States as soon as possible. I know it’s not currently in the cards but I can always hope that the perfect opportunity will land in our laps and have us back before baby makes his arrival. I know, not likely.

As far as cleaning and organization go, I haven’t crossed much else off my list. (Did anyone expect anything different?) However, I have made several trips to Ikea to purchase things to help me clean and organize. Baby steps.

I had another appointment with the backup doc and again, I LOVE her. If she was practicing at my hospital I’d really consider switching doctors. Anyway, baby is still breech… the same position he’s been in since 15 weeks or so. Head up by my ribs in the right horn and feet down on the left by my hips. I was hoping that somehow he’d slip up into the left horn and flip head down but the left horn looks to be too small. Back up doc says she thinks it’s very unlikely that he’ll turn but I’m still trying to remember to do daily inversions. You never know.

After doing a bit of research I’ve been starting to feel uncomfortable about trying to attempt a vaginal breech delivery. My current OB is willing if I have no other issues (my backup doc is not) but I don’t think it’s something I want to do anymore so I’ve been reading more into c-sections. I’ve been having such mixed emotions about this. I’m scared of recovery, I feel like hiring my doula was pointless, I’m worried that it will make breastfeeding even harder, and I’m really scared of recovery. heh. I’ve already started a (long) list of questions for my OB when I see her this Sunday.

Anyway, here is my 2nd trimester in a nutshell:

Weight gain – Up 17lbs, all but 2lbs since 18 weeks. :-/ Damn you, trip to the States.

Cravings – Anything sweet. From ice cream, cake, and cookies, to nectarines, watermelon, and pineapple. And Starbursts! The old wives tale of craving sweets = girl is clearly false.

Aversions – Grilled/baked chicken breasts.

Fatigue – Not horrible but I never got the 2nd tri energy people say you get.

Sleep – Still fairly decent unless my cats are being jerks. I’m still doing a modified stomach sleep thing (halfway between stomach and side) as I just can’t NOT sleep on my stomach.

Other “symptoms” – General aches and pains and all around uncomfortable-ness. I feel like I’m carrying around a weighted medicine ball now.

Oh! And having an anterior placenta is kind of weird. I feel baby kicks down low and sometimes I feel pressure where his head is but other than that it’s a giant black hole.

27 weeks

Weeks 25 and 26

September 5, 2012

These last two weeks have been fairly busy! We’ve been looking for another place to live in case we have to move due to landlord issues but it’s looking like we’ll be able to stay where we are. Good thing because there is no way we could find a similar place to live without spending a bajillion dirhams (that’s 3.678 bajillion dollars) more. There are some pretty awesome tenancy laws here and we have a hearing later in the month. Talk about stressful. So unfortunately not a lot of crafting has been done these past two weeks.

I did start a hat for a little girl because I do love crocheting girly things and had a pattern I hadn’t tried out yet. It’s not quite finished but I will post pics when I’m done! However, I do have the onesie pics from my baby shower that I promised.

(please excuse my wrinkled sheets)

Aren’t they great? I just want to point out the onesie on the top right, which is me and K on our wedding day, made by my 5 year old niece.

I’ve kind of started to nest. Kind of. I made a giant list of everything I need to do around the house.

(and there’s more on the back!)

So far, the only things we’ve done are reorganize all the kitchen cabinets and drawers and organize the laundry room. We bought another set of shelving to go next to our washer and now everything has a place! So despite the rest of our house being in disarray, the laundry room that no one ever sees looks great! ha.

Also, in an attempt to be more organized, I’ve been looking for some kind of day planner and ended up ordering a pretty pink Filofax. (Yes, I’m a dork.) Hopefully it will be here some time next week! I’ve tried to use my iPhone but not having data here (unless I’m using wifi in my house) makes it a bit difficult and I just can’t seem to give up all of my paper lists anyway. I love crossing things off! So hopefully creating some kind of system where everything is in one place before baby gets here will help me out a little.

I also did a little baby shopping this past weekend as well. We bought a lambskin from Ikea while we were there picking up shelving. My parents bought them for me and my sisters when we were babies and I wanted to do the same for our baby without spending an arm and a leg. It seems like it’s a pretty good quality too! I also bought this pilot hoodie from Gymboree:

And the galaxy gray Ergo carrier I’ve been lusting after:

It was a toss up for me between the Ergo Sport and the Beco Gemini and I ended up registering for the Beco Gemini. But despite this one not being a Sport, I just couldn’t resist the print. So not only am I a cloth diaper addict, it’s looking like I’ll be a carrier addict too! (Sorry, K!)

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for, more bump photos!

25 weeks

26 weeks

Weeks 20-24! The big catch-up post.

August 21, 2012

I feel like I’ve been so busy this past month. For almost half of it, we were in the States, which was AWESOME. Saw friends and family, ate lots of good food, did some shopping for baby, and most importantly had a baby shower! This baby is SO SO loved already and I feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends. Anyway, I’m going to jump right in with some photos from the shower.

Pretty fantastic, huh? And I need to get photos of all the fabulous onesies everyone made for the baby. They are absolutely adorable. Next post, I promise.

On that note, I’ve been pretty crafty myself. I’ve gotten a little bit of crocheting done… both photo props for baby’s newborn photos. How freakin’ cute are these??

There are also several other crafts (mostly baby related and all pinterest inspired) that I’d like to accomplish this week. A name thing from felt to hang above the crib, another photo prop, baby hats from old shirts (which may or may not happen as it involves a sewing machine), and finally doing something with the canvases I bought for the living room (two years later). Hrm… I guess procrastination isn’t completely pregnancy related. Oops. Let it be known that Dubai needs a Hobby Lobby. Or any other decent craft store. Trying to hunt things down is such a pain. Anyway, fingers crossed that I keep up the motivation and have pictures for you next week.

Last week I met with a doctor at the back up hospital, in case I go into preterm labor. They have a fantastic NICU and take babies from 23 weeks (my hospital is from 28). I figured if I had things all lined up, I wouldn’t need to use it. Keep baking, baby! I absolutely LOVED the doctor and would even consider switching if that hospital allowed doulas amongst other things. I like my hospital so much better and have no problems with the OB I’m currently with. I’m just glad to know that if I have to use my back up, that I’ll be happy with the doctor.

The week prior to that I had my anatomy scan. Baby was very stubborn and kept hiding his face.


He was breech then but I’m still hoping that he turns. My bump has been lopsided (slightly noticeable standing up and very noticeable laying down) for weeks now and every appointment has confirmed the same position so I’m kind of worried that he won’t. I get the results of the scan when I see my OB tomorrow so hopefully everything is ok health-wise. I should be having my glucose test tomorrow as well, which I’m oh so excited for.

M: K, are you coming to my appointment on Wednesday?
K: Sure.
M: Good, you can keep me company during my glucose test.
K: Nevermind.
M: You sure? You’ll probably get to see the baby.
K: Nah. I think I’ve seen him enough already.

I don’t know why, but I find the above conversation so hilariously funny. I don’t really want to go either so I don’t blame him. Upside? K is going to clean out our AC while I’m gone! And NOT play video games until it’s done. See, K? Now you have to do it since every one just read this. haha.

And now what you all have been waiting for… bump photos!

22 weeks

23 weeks

24 weeks

I totally feel like I’m starting to get less round belly and more thick all over. Someone tell me to put down the Starbursts!!!

19 weeks!

July 20, 2012

Ahhhh 19 weeks! I really can’t believe I’m almost halfway! (Which is in 3 days because I’m late writing this post.) Time is FLYING and yet, I’m not really freaking out because I still.don’t.feel.pregnant. I just constantly feel full like I’ve eaten a big meal and that my belly is expanding because I can’t stay out of the kitchen… but maybe that IS what pregnancy feels like. K was out of town this Monday (when I take my bump photos) so I waited until he got home on Thursday to take one so it’s technically 19 weeks and 3 days.

My current baby obsession is cloth diapers. I’ve purchased quite a bit this past week because I can’t resist the cute prints. Mostly one-size diapers since mom is making the baby sized diapers. Here’s the photo I promised of the diapers she sewed while she was here visiting.

“We” tried out several different patterns, closure styles, and materials in both newborn and size small. (I swear they don’t look wonky in person… I was just a little hasty in fastening them.) Most of them are PUL (waterproof) and some have t-shirt outsides which will require a cover. And for those of you that would consider making your own diapers, the pattern that “we” like the best is Darling Diapers Unlimited. There are several different styles/closures just in that pattern alone so it’s very versatile. I can’t wait to get to the States next week to see the fabric she bought to make more diapers… I’m a diaper junkie already.

While K was out of town, I met with my doula again. I was kind of doubting hiring her since I had been told by several people that it was pointless if I wasn’t planning on going med-free. But after talking with her again, I decided that I LOVE her and am excited to have another hand to hold, especially since I’d really like to try and avoid a c-section. I talked to my OB and if baby does end up breech, she’s willing to deliver him naturally. I have no idea if this can be done with an epidural, but I’m still researching. Hopefully it’s all moot and that he’ll end up head down. I’ve started doing inversions a la Spinning Babies to stretch the round ligaments and therefore hopefully giving baby more room to turn. I keep reading that the best time for fetal positioning with BCU is prior to 30 weeks and he runs out of room.

My OB recommended registering at the government hospital here since I’m at a slightly higher risk of preterm labor and that hospital has a NICU that can take babies earlier. Unfortunately they won’t let me because my visa is from another emirate. (Thanks, K’s company.) So I emailed another private hospital and they just added more beds and upgraded their NICU to a level 3 and can now take babies from 23 weeks. I made an appointment with one of the OBs there just so I’m an established patient and am able to deliver there if need be. Hopefully having this “insurance policy” in place means baby won’t feel like making his debut early. Fingers crossed!

Downers this week have been that my first trimester acne has come back with a vengeance. So much for the pregnancy glow people say you’ll have. Sleeping has also been getting really uncomfortable. I’m not quite ready to give up stomach sleeping so I’ve brought the Snoogle into my bed and am using it to kind of sleep halfway between my stomach and side. It’s not as magical as I thought it would be in that I’m still uncomfortable no matter what position I sleep in.

On the upside, I’m pretty sure I’ve been feeling baby movement occasionally for the past two days! It’s kind of low, which I’m assuming is because of the anterior placenta and it doesn’t feel like the popcorn or flutters I’m told it feels like. It’s more like the flip flop feeling you get when you’re on a roller coaster but in a very small area and it’s in your crotch and not your stomach. Deep thoughts by M. haha.

Weeks 17 and 18

July 10, 2012

Yup, I’m lazy and and never posted last week. I’m still waiting for the burst of second trimester energy to hit me and maybe when (if?) that happens I’ll get things done in a more timely manner instead of wasting my days away on the couch. I’m thinking there’s an emerging trend to my blog posts which revolves around my couch.

My mom finally left after an unexpected extra week and a half due to flight cancellations. We got quite a lot of crafting done, and when I say we, I really mean my mom. All I did was cut fabric and read directions. “We” made quite a few cloth diapers that I’m excited about. However, I forgot to take a photo before I tossed them in the washing machine and instead of waiting for them to finish drying, I figured I’d do a blog post anyway or it wouldn’t happen. So there will be photos in next week’s post, I promise!

No other updates other than I had another ultrasound and the OB said his willy was still there. So with that news I did a LOT of online shopping this past weekend. I couldn’t resist the 4th of July sales! I also joined a cloth diaper co-op on facebook so I bought some diapers at wholesale prices. I’m letting myself shop a little when I’m in the States in TWO WEEKS(!!) but after that, no shopping until Black Friday sales. Maybe. Hopefully. Thank you, K, for working hard for my money.

So, on to what you’ve been waiting for… photos of my expanding belly. I think I’m finally in maternity jeans for the long haul as none of my regular jeans currently button.

17 weeks

18 weeks

I think I look a little smaller in the 18 week photo which makes me think 17 weeks was mostly Starburst bloat. Thank goodness I ate them all so now they’re out of the house. Once I’m dressed for the day, I can’t help but ask K if it looks like a food baby or a baby baby.

Oh, I almost forgot! I wanted to mention that I still haven’t felt baby move. I do have an anterior placenta which I know is a baby buffer but despite being freaked out that it will feel like an alien trying to crawl it’s way out of my belly button, I’m anxious to feel SOMETHING just so I know he’s okay in there. My lack of weight gain kind of worries me (well, not total lack… I’ve gained 2lbs so far) as well as my possibly smooshing him due to my reluctance to give up stomach sleeping. So c’mon baby, I could use some flutters right about now!

16 weeks! It’s a boy!

June 27, 2012

It’s a Christmas miracle! And no, I don’t mean the baby. K took my 16 week bump photo and it only took ONE SHOT to have a photo I was pleased with. I know this is a record or something. But without further ado, here is my little bump!

I don’t normally wear shirts this tight so when I go out it looks more like food baby than real baby. All of my normal jeans are too tight. I’ve been wearing a pair from before I lost weight a few years ago but they’re big in the thighs and make me feel chunky. The maternity jeans I have (with the elastic waist, no panel) are a bit too big so I bought some jeans that I found on sale yesterday. They have a demi-panel and I’m not used to it… every time I put them on I feel like I have to pee (which is a lot of the time already). Upside: they make my butt look awesome. Well, I think they do… it feels awesome in these jeans so I’m sure it looks that way too.

We found out the sex of the baby last week. K was supposed to be there but his trip was extended so it was just me and mom. Baby was face-planted toward my crotch the whole time so no face shot. We were able to catch a peek at the goods and I knew it was a boy before the doctor even said anything.

I’ll be honest, I was hoping for a girl (I really wanted a mini me! lol), but I figured any disappointment that I had would be fleeting and I thought it was. I could not stop smiling all day. Mom and I went shopping and bought tons of cute stuff on sale. Do you KNOW how adorable an itty bitty sweater vest is? I’ll tell you. VERY.

But once I got home and laid down to go to bed, I thought about the butt ruffles and braids that I wouldn’t get to have. For some reason, all the pictures I had about being a mom involved a little girl. And while butt ruffles and braids are such a trivial thing to be disappointed about, what I think upset me the most is not getting the chance to have the mother-daughter relationship that I’m lucky to have with my own mom.

Anyway, I feel like I need to say that I know I’m lucky to have what seems to be a healthy baby (so far). And the more I’ve thought about having a boy, the more excited I feel. It just took some time replacing fantasy with reality and I’m sure fearing the unknown (I grew up with two sisters) didn’t help. But now all I can think about is this cute little boy (we’re going to assume any child of mine will be cuteness overload) and I’m excited to learn what raising a boy entails, despite how scary it sounds!


P.S. Cute things for boys do exist! (And yes, I bought the hat too. lol.)